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Build & Crafting


Hello dear friends! Welcome to the Build & Crafting. You get into the world of unlimited possibilities! Choose your path in this world: the regime "Creative" - ​​buildand destroy the blocks, collect resources and various tools and weapons with which you will beeasier to survive in the "Survival". You need to be vigilant and cautious. Here, apart from peaceful animals There are many monsters, zombies, skeletons and huge spiders. Compete with them, and you get a reward valuable resources! Build various barricades and shelter, protect themselves from these creatures and sleep soundly.Swim through the seas and discover new lands, to produce more resources, build your world! You alsoIt has the ability to fly, to see the new land. This game is for those who love adventure! Rate it !!!More:- Two game modes: "Creative" and "Survival";- Beautiful graphics;- Many 3D blocks, tools and implements for construction;- Different plants and animals;- Scary Monsters and strong zombies;- Treacherous the skeletons and giant spiders;- Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs;- Change the time of day (day and night).